Sunday, August 9, 2009


The Graduates College Tour kicked off last week at Fairliegh Dickinson with a packed house and a TWO-HOUR Q&A! I introduced the film and said we'd stick around until everyone's questions were answered, and I meant it. We love to talk about our film.

The rest of the tour (updated as we finalize each school):
George Washington University
Penn State
Washington & Lee
Carnegie Mellon
Johns Hopkins University
George Mason
Texas A&M
School of Visual Arts
Columbia University

For a full list and screening times, please check out our SHOWTIMES page.

To book The Graduates for a screening and Q&A at your school, please email

I can only hope every college audience is as fun and engaging as FDU was. We're trying to create a new model here- not only will we stick around for as long as the audience has questions, we'll also be at every screening of the film this summer to do Q&A's and meet n' greets nearby. For instance, when we open in NYC this May, I'll personally be at every screening (around 30-35 screenings) to do a Q&A with the ticket-buying audience.

We want you to see the film, and we love to hear your thoughts and questions. Can't wait to see you at a screening soon...

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